ASCCA on the Road visits Bullock County Schools
As many of you know, each week the ASCCA on the Road team has been visiting different schools and organizations to discuss what we do at Camp ASCCA and how others can get involved. This week we visited Union Springs Elementary School and South Highlands Middle School to meet with their classes and make their own personalized Camp ASCCA spin art t-shirts.

When we arrived at each school, we were greeted with big smiles, high-fives, and an exciting energy due to a pause in school work. We quickly started working with each student on designing their own t-shirt and answered several questions that the teachers had about camp and the concerns that they believed the students’ parents would have. We discussed several topics that seem to be common with every group we visit. First, we discussed the pricing to attend camp for a week during the summer and the scholarship opportunities we offer to Alabama residence through our ASCCA Campership Fund.
Bullock County student makes Spin Art t-shirt Bullock County student makes Spin Art t-shirt

Once financial questions were no longer a major concern, we talked about the most frequently asked question and that is how our campers’ parents handle leaving their child at camp for an entire week. There is never one easy answer to that question, but we informed each group that we train our summer staff each year to be the best they can be, and at the end of each week, parents realize that their children had an even better time than they could have ever imagined. Then by the next summer, parents are excited to return to camp and allow their child to enjoy all of the opportunities that ASCCA offers.   

At the end of the day, students left with a new, colorful t-shirt and a folder of information to share with their parents when they return home from school, and we all left with smiles on our faces and hopes of seeing each other again this summer!

If you are interested in having the ASCCA on the Road team visit your school or organization this year, contact Amber Cotney at!