Auburn's Cupola Engineering Ambassadors take on ASCCA group elements

On Saturday, February 27, a group of engineering students from Auburn University visited Camp ASCCA for a member meeting and a day of team building. The students are members of an organization known as the Cupola Engineering Society, and they serve as ambassadors for the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. According to the Auburn University website, the Cupola Engineering Society was developed in the fall of 1996 and was named after the official symbol of the College of Engineering.

ASCCA staff members worked with the group on Saturday and led them through team building exercises that challenged their abilities to communicate with new members they barely knew, problem solve quickly, and work together in close quarters. They were split into three groups of approximately 18 members and rotated their way around the group elements course throughout the afternoon.

Each group also had the opportunity for each member to climb the Zip Tower and ride down. The group element activities often come with some moment of stress or anxiety for a participant, and this weekend, the students made sure to support every member through those type of moments and see each activity through to completion. At the end of the day, the Cupola Engineering Society left feeling united and confident that this year’s members are the best representatives for the College of Engineering.

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