Coosa Central Schools visit Camp ASCCA for the day

At 9:00 am on the dot, students and teachers from Coosa Central Elementary School and Central High School arrived for a few hours of fun. Upon their arrival, the students were split into two groups based on their classes at school.

The younger group had the opportunity to be the first to the boat rides with Outdoor Education Director Cody Graham. The older group spent their morning at the splash pad with Aquatics Director Heather Chumney where the water was chilly and the energy was electric.

Teacher and student get ready for ASCCA boat ride Students play at Splash pad

After an hour of fun, the groups finished up the morning by switching activities and then heading to the picnic tables for a quick lunch. Before they could head home, we had one more activity lined up for them.

Known for its “challenge by choice” description, the zip line was an exciting afternoon adventure for the students. Some students were wary about it at first, but by the end of the activity, the students had shown support for their friends and cheered them all the way to the top.

Young student flies by zipline

We had a great time with the students from Coosa County today and look forward to future adventures! If you are interested in learning how your school or organization can visit camp, check out our website here.

To see more of today’s activities, visit our Flickr page.