Alabama State Association of Emblem Clubs donates $1,500 to the ASCCA Campership Fund

Since 1991, the Alabama State Association of Emblem Clubs has been a major supporter of Camp ASCCA. In celebration of their 26th anniversary of supporting Camp, the organization presented a donation of $1,500 to go towards the ASCCA Campership Fund. Over the years, the ASAEC has also donated bed linens, pillows, formal gowns, and many other items that the campers and staff needed to have the full camp experience.

In 2011, the ASAEC held one of their quarterly meetings on campus, enjoyed meals in the dining hall, and spent the night in one of the ASCCA lodges. The organization also helped encourage the Alabama Elks Association to adopt Camp ASCCA as their major project each year. We are often visited by members from all of our supporting clubs, and last Christmas, we were joined by the ASAEC State Treasurer, Barbara J. Shinpaugh, and her husband who volunteered to help out with the Christmas programs.

Along with regular donations like the one previously mentioned, the ASAEC also donates additional funds through the Alabama Elks Trust. We love having organizations that not only support what we do at Camp but also enjoy spending time here with us! Thank you to the Alabama State Association of Emblem Clubs for their 26 years of support, and we look forward to many more.