First Full Day: DONE!
The first full day of Camp ASCCA is officially over! Campers and counselors enjoyed a fun, sunny Monday. The day included boatrides, archery, bocce ball, fishing, music, demo farm, zipline, arts and crafts, pool, and tubing! Everyone went to dinner and a group went to a pool party and the other half went to the science fair. Moundville, Chickasaw, Crow, Choctaw, and Davis enjoyed some fun at the pool while Cheaha, Redstick, Cherokee and Creek competed at the science fair. 

The pool party is always a crowd favorite, especially after the hot weather we've had all day. Campers were about to unwind and relax after such an exciting day. Campers that were up for the challenge, took part in the swimming test to determine whether or not they could be in the pool without a life jacket. If campers passed, they began swimming around the pool. If they did not pass or did not even want to attempt the swim test, campers were properly fitted for a life jacket and suited up! Campers splashed their counselors with water and vice versa. 

The science fair was full of competition and cheering! Everyone was separated into their cabins and had to work as a tribe to create the best catapult with a pipe cleaner, tissue box, rubber bands, pencils, and a spoon. The creations were judged on presentation, how far it could shoot a marshmellow, and how accurate its aim was. Creek won overall tonight! 

The night was filled with excitement but it is only the beginning of what is in store for our campers this week! Remain updated with all of the camp activities at our Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

Karla Silva, PR
Camp ASCCA 2017
Session 2