Free Choice Aquatics
It was another full day of fun for campers as they enjoyed various activity rotations this morning! By the time rest period rolled around, they were worn out from so much excitement. After a much needed nap and yummy snack to recharge, some campers chose to cool off with a few of our Aquatics programs for Free Choice!

The Aquatics programs open for Free Choice included the pool and Splash Pad! Most people were at the pool, so camper Jarett Clark and counselor Dakota Goosby had the Splash Pad all to themselves! Jarett splashed around and made silly faces while enjoying some quality time with his counselor. They aimed rotating  waterspouts at each other and stood under water filled buckets, waiting for them to splash water atop of them. Their face were full of excitement the entire time. After Jarett had his fun at the Splash Pad, they joined everyone else at the pool!

Jarett making silly faces!Dakota and Jarett waiting for the bucket to flip over

At the pool, campers floated around by themselves in our single tubes or with their friends in our double ones! Others enjoyed a game of pool basketball and Marco Polo. Some campers were a little hesitant and decided to just sit on edge, but their counselors were able to persuade them to get in and have fun with everyone else. What a great way to spend a summer afternoon, right?
Camper and counselor sitting on pool steps

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