2017 Cabin Themes!

Every summer during orientation, our staff pick themes after they have been assigned to their cabins. They spend the weekend before camp starts decorating their cabins, and some continue to add to the decor throughout the summer.

The boys in Cheaha decided on a cops and robbers theme. Their front door has a police line-up, and the counselors dress up as law enforcements some days of the week.

Cheaha CabinNick in Trooper costume

The adjoining boys cabin, Redstick, has a beach theme with an umbrella, grill, and chairs outside their door.

redstick beach umbrella

The girls in Chickasaw have deemed their cabin Planet Chickasaw with a space theme. They decorated the inside with stars, lights, and planets.

chickasaw doorplanets hanging

Moundville aka Moanaville has a palm tree inside and pink flamingos outside. The girls play the moana soundtrack during check-in and have plenty of ocean themed decorations inside the cabin.

Moundville Doorpalm tree

Davis Lodge takes their campers to a music festival starting with the Volkswagen van outside the front door and musical instruments drawn on the windows. Campers also get VIP tie dye wristbands to wear for the week.

Davis Lodge Decorations

Crow, or the Crow Bros, are patriotic pirates this summer. The outside of their cabin is decorated with extensive american flags. They even made a cabin flag with Uncle Sam dressed as a pirate.

crow cabin's american flagscrow's cabin flag

The boys in Choctaw dress in plaid shirts and jeans for their lumberjack theme. They decorated their cabin with cut pieces of trees outside. They have a chainsaw for decoration, but unfunctional of course without a chain. 

choctaw's decorationsstaff wearing plaid

Creek girls welcome their campers to the jungle each week. A monkey is the first to greet new campers on Sunday. Their welcome sign inside the cabin is complete with their cabin name made of leaves. 

creek's cabin decorcreek's welcome sign

Cherokee is under the sea, and adding to that catchy rhyme is the cabin’s decorations of grass skirts and fish hanging from the ceilings. 

Cherokee's door decorCherokee's ocean decor

April Garrett, PR

Camp ASCCA 2017

Session 2