B1! G8! N5!
The entire camp ended the fourth night of Session #2 with a big game of BINGO at the Dining Hall! Program staff employees Gwin and Leah called out numbers while Briana and Meghan managed the prize table. As letters and numbers were called out, campers and counselors put little markers on the matching square if they had it. The first person to fill a row of 5 and yell "Bingo!" won the round and was able to go pick out a reward from the prize table. If a camper incorrectly called "Bingo," their counselor had to go up and perform in whatever manner the program staff told them to. Multiple counselors had to go up to the front of the Dining Hall to perform for the rest of the camp.

counselor nick jumpingchandler and his camper

The game was playes several times until a game containing just the winners was played at the front of the Dining Hall. This was the SUDDEN DEATH round! Campers got help and encouragement from their counselors as they competed.

bingo winnersbingo night

In the end, Camper Daniel Modawell was victorious! The program staff celebrated with confetti cannons. Bingo night was a success! Check out our Flickr for more pictures of the excitement!

Karla Silva, PR
Camp ASCCA 2017
Session 2