I "Goat" a Bath!
We love Demo Farm! Demo Farm was visited by all ten groups this week and they loved it. Demo Farm Director Briana gives her speech on the farm's rules and what should be done in order to have a fun and safe environment. Every camper was able to meet and pet chickens, goats, and donkeys and look at rabbits and pigs. Chickens are brought out by the counselors and Demo Farm Director Briana. The goats and donkeys are brought out with leads to the campers so that they may be met and groomed. Campers ask about the animals all week long and it's exciting every time they get to visit the farm.

This afternoon during sign-up activites, campers and counselors went back to the Demo Farm for the last time this week to bath some animals! The animals that were bathed were Lizzie the donkey and goats Luke and Leia. Briana, Equestrian Director Isabel, and Head Counselor Sarah prepared buckets with water, horse shampoo, and sponges so that campers could get started on the activity!
briana luke and camper jeffery bathing lizzie the donkey
The animals were super friendly and allowed our campers to bath them with ease! It was a great way for campers to say goodbye to the animals. Visit our Flickr page for more pictures of the bath time fun!

Camp ASCCA 2017
Karla Silva, PR
Session 2