S-P-O-R-T Sports Camp is the Place to Be

While ASCCA is having Teen Week, we also have Sports Camp this session. Sports Camp is centered around sports of course, so all of their activities are sports related. Instead of going to rotations in groups with Teen Week campers, our campers in Sports Week have their own schedule of activities.

Teen Week has similar activities to Sports Camp like tubing, waterslide, and archery, Sports Camp does much more while skipping some activities Teen Week goes to. Instead of arts & crafts and demo farm, Sports Camp will be doing skeet shooting, sit skiing, and SCUBA diving. 

Sports Camp joins Teen Week for meals, and tonight they tie dyed bandanas with everyone. Before they went to tie dye, Sports Camp played team building games in the pavilion to learn everyone's name.

Name GameName Game 2

The two camps will converge again on Tuesday for ASCCApalooza and on Thursday for prom night. Be sure to check back here to see what Sports Camp has been doing every day as well as our other social media: Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


April Garrett, PR

Camp ASCCA 2017

Session 3 Sports Camp