They're Baaacckk!
Girl Scout Troop 7282 of Auburn, Alabama, returned today with cookies and lemonade for parents and campers during check-in. After dinner, they stayed behind to do a fun arts and crafts activity with everyone. Throughout the summer they’ll be on site doing other fun activities with campers as they work towards their goal of receiving the Girl Scout Silver Award. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, the Girls Scout Silver Award requires 50 hours of community service from each Girl Scout Cadette and is the highest award they can earn! 

For tonight’s activity, campers made “Soul Stones” out of pre-painted rocks and stones of various sizes and shapes. Members, of Girl Scout Troop 7282 came around with various colors of paint, paint brushes and sheets of paper with different image ideas to help campers decorate their stones. Everyone added their personal touch to their stones with painted flowers, crosses and special messages like “RTR” and “Joy”. 

Camper posing with his soul stone A camper posing with her soul stone

The Soul Stones will dry overnight and tomorrow, campers will be able to pick their favorite spot around Camp and place their stone there. The idea is for their stones to stay there forever and whenever the campers come back, they can go back to the spot they picked and find their Soul Stone right where they left it. This was such a cool idea and we can’t wait to see what other fun activities Girl Scout Troop 7282 do with our campers throughout the summer. 

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Camper working hard on his soul stoneCamper smiling for the camera with her counselor

Jasmine Reed, PR
Camp ASCCA 2017
Session 3