Went out with a Bang!

On our last full day this week, our campers had free choice activities in the afternoon before dinner. There was a great turnout at riflery with ten campers. We even had another camper come out with us to the pond and riflery range that just wanted to fish.

Everyone had an awesome time listening to camper Drew Thompson playing guitar the whole time for us. Mitchell Hughes stayed true to his Cheaha cabin cops and robbers theme and was policing where people sat to make sure they were safely behind the white line.

One at a time Shooting Sports Director Leah Tingle had the campers come up past the white line and put on eye protection first. If they wanted noise cancelling headphones they put those on as well. Our guns aren’t very loud here at ASCCA though, so not many wanted them.

campers on benchLeah teaching camper how to hold the gun

The campers chose whether they wanted to shoot at balloons or targets, and Leah or a counselor would put them up on the lines. She taught them how to load the gun and aim for whichever target they wanted. Many campers hit the mark, and one even shot the balloon off the line without popping it!

camper Annie shootingcamper shooting

These campers really ended their week with a bang! We are sad to see our campers go so soon but be sure to keep up with our Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on the rest of summer here at ASCCA!


April Garrett, PR

Camp ASCCA 2017

Session 5