Session Six Singing!

The session 6 talent show rocked Lion’s Lodge last night with so many acts we had to push back bed time! We kicked it off with Ame Hill and He Knows My Name. We had campers performing plenty of classics. Paul Carwell sang Amazing Grace, and Patricia Dean sang Sweet Home Alabama. Both these songs are always going to get everyone singing along during talent shows.

We also had some representation of songs from movies. Hanna Ruggles sang a popular choice this summer, Gaston from the new Beauty and the Beast live-action movie. Shelby Haire brought half the male staff on stage to perform The Boys are Back from High School Musical 3.

Not only did we have songs, but Billy Harris told jokes. Ross Kelley told jokes, but his were about pirates to match our theme this week. About halfway through when everyone needed a good stretch, Ashley Oliver, Hope Ulman, and Dasha Hillman led us all in the Cupid Shuffle.

Billy telling jokescupid shuffle

Samantha Campbell, her counselor Caitlin, and counselor Ryan sang Shania Twain’s Man! I Feel Like A Woman. As soon as we heard “Let’s go girls,” we were all jamming. She had all the girls and even the boys up dancing and singing.

Our guests from China joined in on the talent show with Bén Bén and Bèi Bèi singing songs and Ghost playing the piano for us.

Ghost playing pianoBen Ben and Bei Bei singing

Fini Giattina and counselors Ahmad and Chandler performed Purple Rain. She made sure everyone was standing before she started, and we all swayed with our arms in the air the whole song.

Beth Marshall showed us how it was done with I Will Always Love You. Everyone was singing and dancing, and there were even some tears shed.

Cheryl Hively jammed to the Auburn fight song with a lot of the crowd joining her.

AT sang Toby Keith’s Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue as well as helped end our talent show by leading us in God Bless America. It was getting late but we all got on our feet to put our hands over our hearts and sing.

At leading God Bless America

After we sang the goodnight song, we couldn’t end the night without playing the Alabama fight song as well. We had a very exciting and energetic night, and be sure keep up with our Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on the rest of this week here at ASCCA!

April Garrett, PR

Camp ASCCA 2017

Session 6