ASCCA has The Voice!

Last night, we tried something new at camp, The Voice. Since the talent show was camper centered, we let our staff be the stars of The Voice. Each cabin could pick one or more staff and campers to perform a song for the judges. Each cabin also had to pick a camper and staff to be the judge. We matched up cabins to judges on The Voice tv show, and some of the staff dressed and acted to match their judge. The cabin judges were then paired up in twos so that we had five teams.

Three rounds of performances determined the winner of the night. The first round was auditions, where each cabin performed a song and the judges tried to convince them to be on their team afterwards.

Michael from Crow and Maggie from Chickasaw started the show by singing Breaking Free from High School Musical. They had a few judges wanting them but ended up choosing Team Pharrell and Christina Aguilera. Pharrell was Tyrell from Cheaha and Christina was Victoria from Davis Girls.

maggie and michael singing

Owen from Redstick was next performing Girl on Fire. He went with Team Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, aka Leah from Creek and Taylor from Redstick. Davis Girls and Cheaha were next with a performance to Barbie Girl by Beau. He also chose Team Blake and Gwen.

Brianna, Kennedy and camper Lydia from Moundville performed I Want it That Way by the Backstreet Boys. Everyone wanted Lydia, but they had to choose between the counselors. They went with Team Adam Levine and Alicia Keys, aka Chandler from Davis Boys and Claire from Cherokee.

Davis Boys and Cherokee combined with Lions Lodge to perform The Cup Song without any music. Marquis sang, and everyone else created the beat with the cups. They chose Team Cee Lo Green and Shakira, aka Trey from Choctaw and Megan from Moundville. Choctaw was next with James Kelley performing a dramatic rendition of Jar of Hearts to camper Sarah Hattaway from Moundville. They also chose Team Cee Lo and Shakira.

the cup song

Creek was last but not least with Hope, Lauren, and campers singing and dancing to Girls Just Want To Have Fun. They decided on Team Adam and Alicia, and this brought us into the second round of the competition.

The Battle Round was next where one staff member from each cabin was chosen to perform against the other cabins on their judges team. The judge can only choose one person on their team after the performance.

First up was Cee Lo Green and Shakira’s team. Quincy, Madi, Alli O, James, and Michael performed the song Baby by Justin Bieber for the spot in the finale, but Cee Lo and Shakira chose James to be their competitor in the finale.

Team Blake and Gwen had to choose between Beau and Owen after a performance of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. They went with Beau for their spot in the finale.

Unfortunately since Team Miley Cyrus and Usher, Abbi from Chickasaw and Dakota from Crow, couldn’t convince any performers to be on their team, they could not participate in the finale.

Team Adam and Alicia were next. After both Kathryn and Hope performing wonderfully to Let It Go from Frozen, Kathryn was the choice for the finale.

Hope and Kathryn singing let it go

Lastly was team Pharrell and Christina having to choose between Maggie and Michael after Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Against the crowd’s response, the team chose Michael for their competitor.

The last round was a performance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies by all contestants, Michael, Beau, Kathryn, and James. The crowd chose the winner this time. We loved everyone, but James Kelley from Cee Lo Green and Shakira’s team won the crowd over.

James Kelley and Trey

We had a great time cheering on our staff members and the campers helping them perform. Tonight’s dance is sure to be another fun and exciting night as well. Be sure keep up with our Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on the rest of this week here at ASCCA!


April Garrett, PR

Camp ASCCA 2017

Session 6