Going Out with a Bang!
Campers brought the house down at last night's dance! With the help of DJ Cody, they were rocking and grooving all night long. All week they'd been practicing their dance moves at different activities, and the night was finally here. They arrived dressed to impress and ready to tear up the dance floor! 

After their bellies were filled with some good food, it was time to work up a sweat. As they anxiously waited outside for the dance to begin, campers and counselors posed for pictures and talked amongst friends. Once members of the Program Staff got the dining hall dance party ready, everyone headed inside for last dance of the summer. Everyone danced the night away with their fellow camp friends and afterwards gathered around to watch the slideshow!

Camper and Counselor dancing!Camper and Counselor Dancing
Since it was the last dance of the summer, we wanted to do something a little different to close the night! Once the slideshow viewing was over, everyone separated into their cabin groups and stood around the flagpole. Each group received a lantern, reperesentative of the memories they made at Camp this summer. As everyone stood around quietly, reflecting on what an amazing summer it had been, they let the lanterns go up in the air one by one! As the colorful lanterns sailed off into the night sky, campers joind hands and sang the Goodnight song for the last time, this summer. 

However the night wasn't over! Members of the maintenance staff lit up the night as they gave campers their very own fireworks show. Everyone "oooooo" and "ahhhh" at all the pretty colors and patterns they created in the air, as they watched in amazement! It's safe to say our ASCCA summer went out with a bang and we can't wait for amazing summers to come. 

Counselors holding the lanternsCampers and counselors looking up at the fireworks

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Jasmine Reed, PR
Camp ASCCA 2017
Session 7